Research Highlights
      New physical insights into Supercritical Fluid Dynamics: “gas-like” to liquid-like” transformation in supercritical fluid methane at the Widom line - Dr. Federico Gorelli
      May 17, 2024
      Deep K and Na cycles in the ultra-deep subducted oceanic crust- K- and Na-rich davemaoite inclusion in diamond is not inherited from deeply subducted oceanic crusts - Dr. Renbiao Tao
      May 14, 2024
      Exciton engineering of 2D perovskites by synergistically tuning the intra and interlayer structure - Dr. Xujie Lü
      April 26, 2024
      Dr. Yanhao Lin awarded an Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists by EGU
      November 21, 2023
      Philip Dalladay-Simpson received the MRE Young Scientist Award
      June 6, 2023
      March 22, 2023