Center for High Pressure Science &Technology Advanced Research

Papers from HPSTAR (2017)

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500 F. Lin, Y. Liu, X. Yu, L. Cheng, A. Singer, O. G. Shpyrko, H. L. Xin, N. Tamura,C. Tian, Tsu-Chien Weng, X.-Q. Yang, Y. S. Meng, D. Nordlund, W. Yang and M. M.Doeff, Synchrotron X-ray analytical techniques for studying materials electrochemistry in rechargeable batteries, Chem. Rev. 117, 13123-13186 (2017). PDF

499 Y. Li, Y. Zhou, Z. Guo, Fei Han, X. Chen, P. Lu, X. Wang, C. An, Y. Zhou, J. Xing,G. Du, X. Zhu, H. Yang, J. Sun, Z. Yang, Wenge Yang, Ho-Kwang. Mao, Y. Zhang and H.-H. Wen, Concurrence of superconductivity and structure transition in Weyl semimetal TaP under pressure, npj Quantum Mater. 2, 66 (2017). PDF

498 J. Wen, Zhidan Zeng, Liuxiang Yang, Qiaoshi Zeng, Hongbo Lou, Hongwei Sheng, D. J. Miller, Wenge Yang, and Ho-Kwang Mao, TEM study of amorphous carbon with fully sp3-bonded structure, Microsc. Microanal. 23, 2268−2269 (2017). PDF

497 Shengcai Zhu and L. Fu, Fabricating rutile nanopins on an anatase hollow sphere structure with enhanced photoactivity performance, RSC Adv. 7, 56648−56654 (2017). PDF

496 Y. Zhang, Biao Wan, L. Wu, Z. Li, Z. Wang, J. Zhang, Huiyang Gou, and F. Gao, Revealing phase relations between Fe2B7 and FeB4 and hypothetical Fe2B7-type Ru2B7 andOs2B7: First-principles calculations, RSC Adv. 7, 44860−44866 (2017). PDF

495 Linji Zhang, J. Wang, F. Tang, H. Yang, X. Liu, Y. Zhao, and Wenge Yang, Pressure-induced polyamorphism in Nd60Fe30Al10 and Ce70Al10Cu20 metallic glasses by high-energy X-ray diffraction and electrical resistance measurements, High Pressure Res. 37,11−17 (2017). PDF

494 J. G. Du,  Y. Z. Ma,  Hongyang Zhu,  C. Xie, D. B. Hou, Y. Li, and  F. X. Sun, XRD investigation of a natural oligoclase at pressure up to 27 GPa, Spectros. Spectral Anal. 56, 1176411768 (2017). PDF

493 K. S. Kjær, W. Zhang, R. Alonso-Mori, U. Bergmann, M. Chollet, R. G. Hadt, R. W. Hartsock, T. Harlang, T. Kroll, K. Kubiček, H. T. Lemke, H. W. Liang, Y. Liu, M. M. Nielsen, J. S. Robinson, E. I. Solomon, D. Sokaras, T. B. van Driel, Tsu-Chien Weng, D. Zhu, P. Persson, K. Wärnmark, V. Sundström, and K. J. Gaffney, Ligand manipulation of charge transfer excited state relaxation and spin crossover in [Fe(2,2-bipyridine)2(CN)2], Struct. Dyn. 4, 044030 (2017). PDF

492  W. Zhou, Feng Ke, X. Xu, R. Sankar, X. Xing, C. Q. Xu, X. F. Jiang, B. Qian, N.Zhou, Y. Zhang, M. Xu, B. Li, Bin Chen, and Z. X. Shi, Correlation between non-Fermi-liquid behavior and superconductivity in (Ca, La)(Fe,Co)As2 iron arsenides: A high-pressure study, Phys. Rev. B 96, 184503 (2017). PDF

491 H. Zhang, S. Liu, M. E. Scofield, S. S. Wong, Xinguo Hong, V. B. Prakapenka, E. Greenberg, and T. A. Tyson, Structural phase transitions in SrTiO3 nanoparticles, Appl. Phys. Lett 111, 052904 (2017). PDF

490 D. Wang, Gang Liu, S. J. Jiao, Lingping Kong, T. Liu, T. Liu, J. Z. Wang, F. Y. Guo,  C. Y. Luan, and Z. H. Li, The effect of trimethylaluminum flow rate on the structure and optical properties of AlInGaN quaternary epilayers, Crystals 7, 69 (2017). PDF

489 A. A. Adeleke, M. Greschner, A. Majumdar, Biao Wan, H. Liu, Z. Li, Huiyang Gou, and Y. Yao, Single-bonded allotrope of nitrogen predicted at high pressure, Phys. Rev. B 96, 224104 (2017). PDF

488  B. Manoun, Y. Tamraoui, I. Saadoune, P. Lazor, Wenge Yang, and J. Alami, Crystal structure and high temperature Raman spectroscopy of Sr2ZnTeOdouble perovskite, Mater. Res. Express 4, 105018 (2017). PDF

487 J. Chen, H. Chen, F. Hao, X. Ke, N. Chen, T. Yajima, Y. Jiang, X. Shi, K. Zhou, M. Döbeli, T. Zhang, B. Ge, Hongliang Dong, H. Zeng, W. Wu, and L. Chen, Ultrahigh thermoelectric performance in SrNb0.2Ti0.8O3 oxide films at a submicrometer-scale thickness, ACS Energy Lett. 2, 915–921(2017). PDF

486 RossT. Howie, Philip Dalladay-Simpson, and E. Gregoryanz, Experiments on dense hydrogen, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 950, 022005 (2017). PDF

485 Y. Gao, M. Zhou, H. Wang, C. Ji, C. E. Whiteley, J. H. Edgar, Haozhe Liu, and Y. Ma, The high-pressure compressibility of B12P2, J.Phys. Chem. Solids 102, 21−26 (2017). PDF

484 A. E. Gleason, C. A. Bolme, H. J. Lee, B. Nagler, E. Galtier, R. G. Kraus, R. Sandberg, Wenge Yang, F. Langenhorst, and W. L. Mao, Time-resolved diffraction of shock-released SiO2 and diaplectic glass formation, Nat. Commun. 8: 1481 (2017). PDF

483 L. Yang, H. Y. Li, P. W. Wang, S. Y. Wu, G. Q. Guo, B. Liao, Q. L. Guo, X. Q. Fan, P. Huang, Hongbo Lou, F. M. Guo, Qiaoshi Zeng, T. Sun, Y. Ren, and L. Y. Chen, Structural responses of metallic glasses under neutron irradiation, Sci. Rep. 7: 16739 (2017). PDF

482 Y. Kato, Toshimori Sekine, M. Kayama, M. Miyahara, and A. Yamaguchi, High-pressure polymorphs in Yamato-790729 L6 chondrite and their significance for collisional conditions, Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, 2570−2585 (2017). PDF

481 Liangliang Li, Q. Luo, Renfeng Li, H. Zhao, K. Chapman, P. J. Chupas, L. Wang, and Haozhe Liu, Polyamorphism in YB-based metallic glass induced by pressure, Sci. Rep. 7: 46762 (2017). PDF

480 Liangliang Li, L. Wang, Renfeng Li, D. Qu, H. Zhao, K. W. Chapman, P. J. Chupas, and Haozhe Liu, Pressure-induced polyamorphism in lanthanide-solute metallic glasses, Phys. Status Solidi RRL 11, 1700078(2017). PDF

479 Renfeng Li, L. H. Wang, Liangliang Li, T. Yu, H. Zhao, K. Chapman, Y. Wang, M. Rivers, P. J. Chupas, Ho-Kwang Mao, and Haozhe Liu, Local structure of liquid gallium under pressure, Sci. Rep. 7: 5666 (2017). PDF

478 Y. Lum, Binbin Yue, P. Lobaccaro, A. T. Bell, and J. W. Ager, Optimizing C–C coupling on oxide-derived copper catalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction, J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 14191−14203(2017). PDF

477 H. Ma, W. Wu, J. Cao, Binbin Yue, and H. Zhang, Network structure and electromechanical properties of viscose-graphene conductive yarn assembles, Carbon 114, 731−739 (2017). PDF

476 D. Smith, M. Hakeem, P. Parisiades, H. Maynard Casely, D. Foster, D. Eden, D. J. Bull, A. Marshall, A. M. Adawi, Ross T. Howie, A. Sapelkin, V. Brazhkin, and J. Proctor, Crossover between liquidlike and gaslike behavior in CH4 at 400 K, Phys. Rev. E 96, 052113 (2017). PDF

475 Q. Sui, Ye Yuan, N. N. Yang, X. Li, T. Gong, E. Q. Gao, and Lin Wang, Coordination-modulated piezochromism in metal-viologen materials, J. Mater. Chem. C 5, 12400−12408 (2017). PDF

474 Lan Anh Thi Nguyen, Sanghwa Lee, S. J. Noh, S. K. Lee, M. C. Park, W. Shu, S. Pitcher, D.Torcy, D. Guillermain, and Jaeyong Kim, Desorption dynamics of deuterium in CuCrZr alloy, J. Nucl. Mater. 496, 117−123(2017). PDF

473 Y. Umeda, A. Takase, N. Fukunaga, Toshimori Sekine, T. Kobayashi, Y. Furukawa, and T. Kakegawa, Morphological changes of olivine grains reacted with amino acid solutions by impact process, Phys. Chem.Miner. 44, 203–212 (2017). PDF

472  K. Wang, G. Wang, C. Lu, Cuiying Pei, and Y. Wang, Preparation and investigation of foaming amphiphilic fluorinated nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery, Materials 10, 1403 (2017). PDF

471 L. Wang, Shengcai Zhu, M. Shen, H. Tian, S. Xie, H. Zhang, Y. Zhang, and Y. Tang, Fractal MTW zeolite crystals: Hidden dimensions in nanoporous materials, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56, 11764–11768 (2017). PDF

470 T. Wen, Y. Zhou, B. Yang, and Yonggang Wang, Controllable synthesis, polymorphism and structure-dependent photo luminescence properties of europium oxyfluorides, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2017, 5121–5126 (2017). PDF

469 M. Xu, S. Jakobs, R. Mazzarello, J.-Y. Cho, Z. Yang, H. Hollermann, D. S. Shang, X. Miao, Zhenhai Yu, Lin Wang, and M. Wuttig, Impact of pressure on the resonant bonding in chalcogenides, J. Phys. Chem.Lett. 121, 5450-5455 (2017). PDF

468 Yanyan Zhang, Qinlin Wang, Junkai Zhang, Xiaoxin Wu, and Yanzhang Ma, An immutable array of TiO2 nanotubes to pressures over 30 GPa, Nanotechnology 28, 145705 (2017). PDF

467 Z. Yuan, Jinlong Zhu, S. Feng, C. Wang, Lijuan Wang, Q. Liu, and C. Jin, Wide-temperature-range dielectric permittivity measurement under high pressure, Chin. Phys. Lett. 34, 040701 (2017). PDF

466 Binbin Yue, Fang Hong, K.-D. Tsuei, N. Hiraoka, Y.-H. Wu, V. M. Silkin, Bin Chen, and Ho-Kwang Mao, High-energy electronic excitations in a bulk MoS2 singlecrystal, Phys. Rev. B 96, 125118(2017). PDF

465 E. J. Pace, Jack Binns, M. P. Alvarez, Philip Dalladay-Simpson, Eugene Gregoryanz, and Ross T. Howie, Synthesis and stability of hydrogen selenide compounds at high pressure, J. Chem. Phys. 147, 184303 (2017). PDF

464 H. J. Hwang, D. H. Seoung, Yongjae Lee, Z. X. Liu, H. P. Liermann, H. Cynn, T. Vogt, C. C. Kao, and Ho-Kwang Mao, A role for subducted super-hydrated kaolinite in the Earth’s deep water cycle, Nat. Geosci. 10, 947–953 (2017). PDF

463  X. Fu, F. Li, Jung-Fu Lin, Y. Gong, X. Huang, Y. Huang, B. Han, Q. Zhou, and T. Cui, Pressure dependent light emission of charged and neutral excitons in monolayer MoSe2, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 3556–3563 (2017). PDF

462 S. S. Lobanova, N. Holtgrewea, Jung-Fu Lin, and A. F. Goncharov, Radiative conductivity and abundance of post-perovskite in the lowermost mantle, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 479, 43–49 (2017). PDF

461 K. Chen, R.Ghosh, X. H. Meng, A. Roy, J. S. Kim , F. He, S. C. Mason, X. C. Xu, Jung-Fu Lin, D. Akinwande, S. K. Banerjee, and Y. G. Wang, Experimental evidence of exciton capture by mid-gap defects in CVD grown monolayer MoSe2, NPJ 2D Mater.1:5 (2017). PDF

460 J. Liu, Qingyang Hu, Duck Young Kim, Z. Q. Wu, W. Z. ang, Y. M. Xiao, P. Chow, Y. Meng, V. B. Prakapenka, Ho-Kwang Mao, and W. L. Mao, Hydrogen-bearing iron peroxide and the origin of ultralow-velocity zones, Nature 551, 494–497(2017). PDF

459 Ross T. Howie, Philip Dalladay-Simpson, and Eugene Gregoryanz, Comment on “Evidence of a first-order phase transition to metallic hydrogen”, Phys. Rev. B 96, 157102 (2017). PDF

458 J. K. Zhang, T. T. Hu, Jiejuan Yan, Feng Ke, J. S. Wang, X. Y. Cui,  X. F. Li, Y. Z. Ma,  J. H. Yang, and C. X. Gao, Pressure driven semi-metallic phase transition of Sb2Te3, Mater. Lett. 209, 78-81 (2017).

457 Jack Binns, G. J. McIntyre, J. A. Barreda-Argüeso, J. González, F. Aguado, F. Rodríguez, R. Valiented, and S. Parsons, Phase transition sequences in tetramethyl-ammonium tetrachlorometallates by X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic measurements, Acta Cryst. B73, 844–855 (2017). PDF

456 C. Zhang, J. P. Sun, Fengliang Liu, A. Narayan, Nana Li, X. Yuan, Y. W. Liu, J. H. Dai, Y. W. Long, Y. Uwatoko, J. Shen, S. Sanvito, and Wenge Yang, Evidence for pressure-induced node-pair annihilation in Cd3As2, Phys. Rev. B 96, 155205 (2017). PDF

455  L. S. I. Veiga, M. Etter, K. Glazyrin, Fei Sun, C. A. Escanhoela Jr, G. Fabbris, J. R. L. Mardegan, P. S. Malavi, Y. Deng, P. P. Stavropoulos, H.-Y. Kee, Wenge Yang, M. van Veenendaal, J. S. Schilling, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, and D. Haskel, Pressure tuning of bond-directional exchange interactions and magnetic frustration in the hyperhoneycomb iridate β-Li2IrO3, Phys. Rev. B 96, 140402(R) (2017). PDF

454 J. K. Zhang,  J. Qi, Y. Z. Ma, T. J. Hu, Jiejuan Yan, Feng Ke, X. Y. Cui, Y. Gao, M. L. Sun, and C. X. Gao, Correlation between the structural change and the electrical transport properties of indium nitride under high pressure, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 26758−26764 (2017). PDF

453 Jack Binns, X. D. Liu, Philip Dalladay-Simpson, V. Afonina, Eugene Gregoryanz, and Ross T. Howie, Synthesis and stability of hydrogen iodide at high pressures, Phys. Rev. B 96, 144105 (2017). PDF

452 Q. Sui, N. N. Yang, T. Gong, P. Li, Ye Yuan, E. Q. Gao, and Lin Wang,  Impact of lattice water on solid-state electron transfer in viologen pseudopolymorphs: Modulation of photo- and piezochromism, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 5450−5455 (2017). PDF

451 X. Liu, L. D. Dai, L. W. Deng, D. W. Fan, Q. Liu, H. W. Ni, Q. Sun, X. Wu, X. Z. Yang, S. M. Zhai, B. H. Zhang, Li Zhang, and H. P. Li, Recent progresses in some fields of high-pressure physics relevant to earth sciences achieved by Chinese scientists, Chin. J. High Pressure Phys. 31, 657− 681(2017). PDF

450 Y. N. Zhou, T. Wen, X. F. Zhang,B. B. Chang, W. Q. Kong, Y. C. Guo, B. C. Yang, and Yonggang Wang, A multiple structure-design strategy towards ultrathin niobate perovskite nanosheets with thickness-dependent photocatalytic hydrogen-evolution performance, Chem. Asian J. 12, 2727–2733 (2017). PDF

449 Y. N. Zhou, T. Wen, W. Q. Kong, B. C. Yang, and Yonggang Wang, The impact of nitrogen doping and reduced niobium self-doping on the photocatalytic activity of ultra-thin Nb3O8−nanosheets, Dalton Trans. 46, 13854 (2017). PDF

448 Gang Liu, Lingping Kong, P. J. Guo, C. C. Stoumpos, Qingyang Hu, Z. X. Liu, Z. H. Cai, D. J. Gosztola, Ho-Kwang Mao, M. G. Kanatzidis, and R. D. Schaller, Two regimes of bandgap red shift and partial ambient retention in pressure-treated two dimensional perovskites, ACS Energy Lett. 2, 2518−2524 (2017). PDF

447 Cuiying Pei, M. N. Feng, Z. X. Yang, M. G.Yao, Ye Yuan, Xin Li, B. W. Hu, M. Shen e, B. Chen, B. Sundqvist, and Lin Wang, Quasi 3D polymerization in C60 bilayers in a fullerene solvate, Carbon 124, 499−505 (2017). PDF

446 Kai Zhang, Y. Li, Quan Huang, Bihan Wang, X. R. Zheng, Y. Ren, and Wenge Yang, Ultrastable Amorphous Sb2Se3 Film, J. Phys. Chem. B  121, 8188−8194 (2017). PDF

445 H. Ma , J. J. Shen, J. D. Cao, D. S. Wang, Binbin Yue, Z. P. Mao, W. Wu, and H. X. Zhang, Fabrication of wool keratin/polyethylene oxide nano-membrane from wool fabric waste, J. Cleaner Prod. 161, 357–361 (2017). PDF

444  H. Yamaoka, Y. Yamamoto, Jung-Fu Lin, Junjie Wu, X. C. Wang, C. Q. Jin, M. Yoshida, S. Onari, S. Ishida, Y. Tsuchiya, N.Takeshita, N. Hiraoka, H. Ishii, K.-D. Tsuei, P. Chow, Y. M. Xiao, and J. Mizuki, Electronic structures and spin states of BaFe2As2 and SrFe2As2 probed by x-ray emission spectroscopy at Fe and As K-absorption edges, Phys. Rev. B 96, 085129  (2017). PDF

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440 B. Xu, Y. M. Dai, Hong Xiao, B. Shen, H. H. Wen, X. G. Qiu, and R. P. S. M. Lobo, Infrared probe of the gap evolution across the phase diagram of Ba1−xKxFe2As2, Phys. Rev. B 96, 115125 (2017). PDF

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